My Opinion On Batteries
19th October 2016

PuffDadE have done it again!! Another new battery that is shaping up to be an amazing cell!! So, time and time again we are asked “What is the best battery to use for this that and the other”….Well, Lets take a good look at what batteries in MY opinion you want to use and why […]


10 Great Vape Shops in Birmingham
17th October 2016

Vape Shops and ECig Shops in Birmingham Here are some of the best vape and ECig shops in Birmingham, there are plenty to choose from to find quality products and delicious e-juices. If you are looking for more information on one of the shops, you can find details and directions in the Vaping World vape shops […]

Vaping With Dan Buckler

My Vaping Journey by Dan Buckler
13th June 2015

My Vaping Journey Hello, my name is Dan, My vaping journey began around 3-4 months ago when I first bought a vivid starter kit. I was a smoker for over 7 years and decided it was time to quit as I had breathing problems and couldn’t walk far without wheezing, I did use cigalikes now […]

Jay Bo Indestructible RDA Atty

Indestructible by Jay Bo Review
14th May 2015

Indestructible 8.62 Quality 8/10 Overall Design 8/10 Pricing 9/10 Vape 9/10 Usage 9/10 Pros Nice groove to top cap allows easy on and off action Beautiful design with the engraved signature Concave top cap with reduced chamber gives better vape Build Area is a good size Properly finished flattened screws suitable for all screwdrivers Single […]

Tank Puffin Loughton

Tank Puffin
12th April 2015

Tank Puffin a look behind the doors What is Tank Puffin? Tank Puffin is an American made premium E liquids and electronic cigarettes shop. It states that it “Caters for beginners  and more experienced vapers. The owners of this shop state that “We are extremely proud to be retailing quality electronic cigarettes, as well as the […]

Tubes Vs Box Mods

Tubes Vs Boxes
24th January 2015

Tube Mods Vs Box Mods With the vaping experience moving on so fast and new devices coming in all the time, we thought we would get some opions from vapers around the world. What we want to know is whether you think with all the new Box Mods both regulated and mechanical are the future […]

DNA 40 Competition

DB DNA 40 Competition
24th February 2015

Win an Amazing HB DNA 40 regulated Box Mod Powered by Evolv have teamed up with Vaping World to offer this amazing device one lucky person. You will have a chance to win this regulated box mod which has the new temperature protection chip by Evolve and built by HCigar. The device Fetures Genuine […]