Legacy Health and Wellness Clinic

Legacy Health & Wellness Clinic provides traditional medical care and wellness services to adults in Cedar Hill, Texas and around Dallas. We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services such as nerve pain treatment in Austin Texas, anxiety, depression treatment and more to meet the needs of our patients via telemedicine.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs

Discover your unique water soluble solution for CBD, THC, and HEMP in the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. Our custom formulations utilize Nano CBD isolate powder, broad spectrum powder, and full spectrum powder. Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBD powder emulsions offer superior bioavailability, instant solubility, and a neutral taste profile for any dry good food […]


GreenState is a digital magazine navigating the new cannabis culture. Produced by journalists for a curious, adventurous audience, GreenState is here to inform, entertain and enlighten. You’ll find stories, videos and interactive tools and podcast episodes on a range of topics: Wellness and health. All things are edible. The influence of technology. The ethos of […]


Botanika Life is a collection of clean, hand-crafted luxury lifestyle and wellness products that are loaded with full spectrum CBD and other powerhouse plant-based ingredients that have passed third-party lab testing. Botanika Life utilizes the healing powers of flowers and plants to develop innovative products with pure ingredients and clean formulas for beauty, pain + […]