Challenge Article 20 Your Vaping Rights

Challenge Article 20 Your Vaping Rights

Challenge Article 20This is something that all Vapers accross the EU need to support, so please lend a hand and get behind this legal challenge being put to the powers to be in the EU.

Totally Wicked are probably the biggest retailer in the UK of vaping products, they have launched this legal challenge to the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive last year, on the grounds that Article 20 of the Directive breaches EU law.

Challenge article 20 is something that all vapers and all of industry can support, this will affect your rights and the rights of all retail outlets and E Juice Manufacturers.

So what can you do well to start with go to the website set up and show your support by clicking and filling out the Name, Email address and Town fields on the website click on the image it is that simple.

So fight for your rights don’t be pushed around by people who associate Tobacco products with Vaping, lets all act and Challenge Article 20.

In the UK alone over 2 million people have taken up vaping and stopped smoking and the benefits are so obvious to most.

Electronic cigarettes are not a tobacco product, they are a revolutionary product with the potential to render tobacco cigarettes obsolete and prevent millions of deaths from smoking.

The Tobacco Products Directive is likely to adversely impact the availability of good quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, and, jeopardise the life changing potential of e-cigarettes.

We at Vaping world applaud their decision to Challenge Article 20 and want everyone to lend their full support.

Play your part in demonstrating to the CJEU that vapers and industry from across the EU are united in their opposition to Article 20 of this directive


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