Competition Top Caps

Competition Top Caps









  • ease of use
  • construction
  • price
  • perfomance
  • sheer fun


  • limited to a few atties

Competition Top Caps

Fancy some cloud chasing mayhem then these cheap as chips competition top caps may be what you’re looking for.Competition Top Cap 2-in-1 Drip Tip + Top Cap for Tobh Atty V2 RDA Atomizers (5-Pack)

Looking a little like a Tobh top cap but with a huge integrated 15mm bore mouthpiece, these are made of a delrin type material and are easily fitted to a number of 22mm atomizers.

These competition top caps are designed to take the place of the finned top section with the drip tip hole that is part of the Tobh atty, we’ve found though that they also fit quite nicely onto the Stillair, Vulcan and Doge atties.

Pop one of these onto your atty and you immediately get that comp look, with the appropriate build, power supply and airflow combination you will be able to pull in great lung fulls of beautiful vape and cloud out your neighbourhood.

If you know how to build and vape hot but safely you really will enjoy these as the material doesn’t conduct the heat from your atty to your mouth, be aware though that the huge bore will let spits and splashbacks reach your tongue.

All in all a genuinely cheap bit of fun that may reignite your interest in some of your old atties.

So far we have been told they will fit on Vulcan, Plume Veil, Onslaught, Stillaire, Tobh, Dodge and I am sure there will be a few more let us know in the comments below.

Here is our little blast video for the top caps, please like or subscribe it is appreciated.

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