Cool Breeze Reserved quality E-Liquid exclusively at Puff Dad E

Cool Breeze Reserved








Bottle Appeal


Customer Service





  • Good Quality Juice
  • Extremely Well Priced
  • Good Vapor Production
  • Nice Looking Bottles
  • Intense flavours


  • Maybe a few desserty flavours as seems to lack a little in the range

Cool Breeze Reserved quality E-Liquid exclusively at Puff Dad E

Is there such thing as quality E-Juice at low cost prices? I always pay more for my E-Liquid because I believe that quality juices cost more. Not to say I wont try cheaper juices but experiences have taught me otherwise and shown me they are never amazing. Until now when I discovered Puff Dad E ?!

What is Puff Dad E

Puff Dad E was started by businessman Paul Law a big burly guy with a serious face. Man can he laugh and have a good time though and a Cool Brezze Reservedbusinessman he is. Quite a family run business with his lovely wife Donna, kids and the great range of staff who run the shop. His shop offers a wide range of quality mods and kits and the showcase is unbelievable but he also offers a wide range of juices. From Enigma, Element, Zeus juice and more through to Cool Breeze Reserved.

Customer service

The shop is welcoming from the outset you can be anyone with little or large amounts of knowledge and the atmosphere is great. The staff are friendly and helpful and will take time to listen and assist you with all needs. Further to this and on the subject of the review they have samples available and a full box of bottles which consists of the whole Cool Breeze Reserved range which you are able to try before you buy!! This is always a bonus, I mean I can spend a while tasting and choosing my perfect flavour especially as I can be a little fussy!

Cool Breeze Reserved

Cool Breeze Reserved is a great American range at a low cost price. They offer a variety of flavour blends within their range:

  • After Dark is a nice smooth rich vanilla cream with hints of butterscotch
  • Vapor Lock is the flagship e-liquid from Cool Breeze Vapor, A scrumptious blend Champagne Apricot and peach, this a superb E-Liquid not too sweet and great depth of flavour.
  • Funky Monkey is a ripe creamy banana with fruit accents
  • Phantom fruits is a classic fruity vape a mixture of all your favourite berries.
  • Mythical Milk  is a creamy strawberry custard vape  more likened to strawberry mini milks (the ice lolly)  super smooth and a little moreish  this juice tickles the taste buds.
  • Paradise Island is a sweet strawberry vape with a tropical twist,  a slight hint of coconut and a few other tropical fruits keeps you guessing on this one.
  • Rising Sun is a bright clean fruit melody summer fruit heaven.
  • Sinfully Delicious comes accross  as a warm flaky pastry with a light cinnamon kick not too overpowering but enough cinnamon to keep you wanting more.
  • Sky’s the Limit is a melon lovers dream  this candied melon delivers,  slightly sweet but not over the top  bundles of flavour with this E-Liquid.
  • Red Devil is known over the pond as Fruity Pebbles or Lucky charms to us on this side, creamy cereal with fruit accents this is a very nice vape full of flavour and really delivers.
  •  Toucans Treasure is the fruity loops of the vaping world   full on creamy cereal with fruit accents this is a very nice vape full of flavour and really delivers.
  • Strawberry Blonde Eliquid, A refreshing Blend of sweet strawberries and lemon  McDonald Smoothie springs to mind, a great refreshing summer vape.

So as you can see a huge range offered at Puff Dad E so you are sure to find your perfect vape with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg available to purchase.

The Cool Breeze Reserved range of E-Liquid itself is great they are thick, and deliver a great scent when you open the bottles. For sub-tank Cool Breeze Reserved delievers great vapour, flavour and if I whack up the wattage on my device for the creamier flavours wow…… its intensifies the richness and smoothness which for me is a winner. The outset of Cool Breeze Reserved was to create a dripper range to use on RDA’S and Mythical milk is one of my favourites. Especially on my hotter build devices of which it delievers a rich creamy but subtle and smooth taste. Vapor lock is a favourite by my sub-tank as the fruit flavours are strong and tickle my taste buds. Im extremely fussy with fruit flavours as I find a lot of them lose the taste after a tank or so of use but with vapour lock I have found a nice complimentary all day vape which keeps me happy?! While it is designed for RDA’S with the high vg/pg mix as I said above it does love my arctic subtank and will work in a variety of other subtanks so do ask! I will let you into a little secret though as I like to look after the readers……………. this juice will go through the mini nautilus with the new coils they have released so for all you users out there take a look!

My only con for this product is no real dessert based juices in the range at this current time. That’s just because I love the sweeter flavours so this would be a huge bonus for me but…. I don’t think they will add this to the range especially for me I mean lets face it I’m a small vaper in a huge vaping cloud?!


Who can beat £13.50 for 30mls hardly and expense and its a good quality American juice. For me its a bargain but I don’t lose out on quality or quantity.


puff dad eAll in all if you want a great atmosphere, good prices and good juice check out Puff Dad E. You cant go wrong with knowing you will never be short of help or goods and you must check out the full range of Cool Breeze Reserved!!!

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