Crème De La Crema e-juice at its best

Creme De La Crema










Customer service



  • Amazing Flavour
  • Great Price
  • Excellent Vapour
  • Nice packaging - something a little different is offered in logo design
  • Very Imformative website


  • I really cannot think of any cons to this juice?!?!

Crème De La Crema e-juice at its best

Creme De La Crema

We all know I love a good American E juice I’ve looked and tried so  many brands. Some of my favourites being The Mad Alchemist, Legacy, Suicide Bunny and Mount Baker Vapor. Then I came across this beautiful range by Mountain Oaks Vapor Crème De La Crema and what a beautiful range it is. I first discovered it at Vape Jam but just had a little tipple, then it was brought over for the Expo and Displayed on the Vape Distribution stand. I was able to try each flavour, and I was blown away by this smooth and delectable range.

Crème De La Crema at its best the tasting

Firstly Mountain Oaks has produced 5 Crème De La Crema juices in its range. The flavour profiles are listed below:

  • Gambino – Banana Custard, This is a flavor that will excite even the most defined palate. With a perfect combination of banana, creme, and custard, this juice has become one of our new favorites and will soon be one of yours as well.
  • Gotti – Vanilla Custard, A fluffy, bright and sweet vanilla custard vape with a light, cakey finish. A truly fine Italian custard will “take care” of your vanilla desires. As the flagship flavor of Creme De La Crema, Gotti has answers the demand for deliciously done vanilla custard.
  • Corleone – Combining decadent chocolate, sweet vanilla creme, subtle hints of hazelnut, and our secret Italian Custard flavor make this make this a full bodied e-liquid that no one can refuse! A rich, extradordinary experience that will earn the respect of your palate
  • Omerta – Strawberry Dolce  So good it takes the words right out of your mouth. Sweet, bright strawberry flavor soars over the top of a smooth Italian custard with a touch of fluffy vanilla cake. You’ll want to talk about this one, but we would prefer you didn’t.
  • Capone – Blueberry Torte, A truly authentic mix of natural and wild blueberries artfully blended with smooth vanilla creme and a secret Italian Custard flavor to create a wonderful Blueberry Torte that should never be prohibited.

Well thought I would give you the full flavour profiles. For me Crème De La Crema is probably my favourite range out there at the moment. The flavours in each profile are delectable/smooth and mouth watering. They just leave you wanting more. They aren’t sickly are some of the descriptions may suggest so don’t be put off! My favourite is Gotti  smooth and creamy custard blended with cake! Heavenly is how I would describe it. I have found the most magical flavour experience with Gotti comes with a slightly hotter build on my Rebuilable Dripper. The flavour is definitely intensified and becomes bigger and bolder. Omerta is another fabulous taste bud quencher for me it resembles a strawberry milkshake. The strawberries taste freshly picked and definitely no artificial tastes offered by this range of juices. I can clearly see why they put themselves above the rest.

Simple facts about Crème De La Crema customer service and the reasons they state they are the best?!

Labelling yourself as the Best Juice is pretty well daring. Far play to them they definitely give you a list of reasons why?! For me I definitely can see why they would give this bold statement so read on and see what you all think!

We all know how important care and attention in to the quality of the liquid and production. What I liked about Mountain oaks is there give you clear guidelines on their care and attention so that everyone can read and more importantly understand what they do to ensure we get the best products on offer.

  • Third Party tested for their various ingredient levels
  • All packaged in nicely presented glass bottles with child resistant droppers
  • Clearly labelled with an ingredients list and warnings
  • Batch Mixing – they have strict procedures in place to ensure that each batch is clearly labelled and placed on a main database. So all bottles can be traced including PG/VG/Nicotine and flavour batch. This ensures the highest standards and levels of customer care are up kept.
  • Customer Service – This is highly important to Mountain Oaks and they thrive on ensuring products are sent quickly and effectively. They also aim to respond to any customer/vendor questions as soon as they possibly can.
  • American made – Well I love this point for obvious reasons but  just personal opinion here ladies and gentleman.

One point for me that really stuck out was their Passion and experience. All their employees were once smokers and now vapers, this gives more stability in  to ensure we get what products we would like rather than what they think we would like. Passion is such a big work and from reading the information they supply and quality of juices I can read the passion and taste the passion.


Overall the Crème De La Crema range is a must have from start to finish whatever your taste buds there is always something for you! Passionate employees, great aesthetics and great e juice what more can you ask for?


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