ECigWizard’s New Outlet in Chelmsford


ECigWizard’s First New Outlet of 2015 in Chelmsford

ECigWizard ChelmsfordECigWizard opened its first new outlet of 2015, in Chelmsford. The outlet opened January at the Meadows Shopping Centre. “This one follows the style of the recently opened and very busy ECigWizard outlets in Colwyn Bay, Wigan and Shrewsbury in that it is an island of counters placed right in the flow of a popular shopping centre.”

Meadows Shopping Centre, Chelmsford

The Meadows Shopping Centre is one of the two main shopping centres in Chelmsford. It is popular with both Chelmsfordians and the many tourists who visit the area because of the variety of shops and services that it offers.

In addition to ECigWizard, visitors to the shopping centre will also see other major retailers such as BHS, Boots, Wallis and Wilko in addition to a number of bespoke independent retailers that are also well worth one’s attention. The eight screen Odeon that is also in the shopping centre is the only cinema in the City.

Chelmsford’s Meadows Shopping Centre also has its own multi-storey car park which can accommodate nearly 500 cars. The accessibility of the centre is further enhanced by their Shopmobility, Kiddi Cabs services, which can be found on the car park’s ground floor.

Free Wi-Fi is also on offer within the centre as are a number of coffee shops – so it’s easy to understand its popularity.


Vaping in ChelmsfordECigWizard Chelmsford

The staff at ECigWizard’s Chelmsford RMU outlet have been carefully chosen, these are individuals who are enthusiastic about vaping and will be able to confidently demonstrate the advantages of choosing to vape instead of smoking tobacco. They are knowledgeable about the full range of products and will be pleased to talk about them to you.

Foremost in the products at ECigWizard Chelmsford is their extensive range of e-liquids, each of which is available for testing in their Flavour Station. The opportunity that is offered to vape any number of e-liquids before deciding which is your favourite is a helpful feature. Sometimes a flavour might sound ideal but doesn’t quite work for you when it’s vaped, equally you can often be surprised to find that you really enjoy vaping something that you might never have imagined would be to your taste. Offering a try before you buy service clearly shows ECigWizard’s confidence in the excellence of their e-liquid juices – and you are under no obligation to buy any, however many you try.

Being placed conveniently where people already shop makes ECigWizard Chelmsford an ideal place to pick up the various accessories associated with vaping, not only do they stock clearomisers but also the atomiser heads to fit them too. A full range of drip tips, lanyards, eGo holders and chargers are also part of their range. ECigWizard’s ecig batteries are a step above the quality of ecig batteries often sold by others and they are guaranteed too – ECigWizard Chelmsford have a full range of these ecig batteries in different sizes, with many colours to choose from in stock.

The immediacy of having an ecig outlet where potential vaping converts are passing makes ecig starter kits one of ECigWizard Chelmsford’s most popular products. Their range starts at under £20 for a kit that includes a 900mAh battery, CE9 clearomiser, a USB charger and a 10ml bottle of eliquid. Helping someone move away from smoking by adopting vaping as an alternative is one of the most rewarding parts of selling ecigs and by buying a good solid starter kit the customer has a great introduction into this healthier option.


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