Is CBD Legal in California?

California is hands down one of the best places to purchase premium quality CBD oil. In this cbd blog, we provide you with the relevant details you need to make a well-thought-out choice. California has a reputation as a very progressive state when it comes to cannabis regulations. If you’re lucky to be a resident of this state, you definitely won’t run out of alternatives, both locally and online.

We usually suggest the online stores for CBD purchasing since they provide you access to the best products for less money and with more opportunities to investigate your prospective vendor.

Is CBD Legal in California?

Yes! Both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD products are legal in California. The state has a very interesting background with cannabis, so let’s take a trip back in time to the very early 1970s.

How Did Cannabis Laws in California Changed Throughout the Years?

California was the first state to outlaw using cannabis at the dawn of restriction in 1914. However, a couple of decades later, it also became the leader of the legalization motion upon the intro of Proposition 19– a cost that would have legalized marijuana use again.

Proposition 19 ultimately stopped working however that did not stop California authorities from legalizing marijuana ownership for less than one ounce of flower.

The golden state made another huge progress in 1996, when the citizens passed Proposition 215, legislating medical marijuana and presenting among the initial MMJ programs in the U.S.

California sealed cannabis legalization when its citizens approved Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults aged over 21. In 2018, initially, adult-use dispensaries started to open up.

How to Find the Source of High-Quality CBD in California?

Inspect the hemp source. Hemp plants are bio accumulators, which means they absorb everything from the environment they expand in, including both the good and bad compounds. The most effective way to ensure the exceptional quality of the product is to use organic hemp as the source of CBD. Plants were grown in abundant dirt, without using pesticides and different other dangerous chemicals, yielding tidy, CBD-rich flowers.

Go with CO2-extracted products. CBD can be extracted using different methods. CBD developed by using CO2 extraction– a heatless and solventless method– is the closest you can get to the initial chemical profile of commercial hemp. 

Always check for third-party lab reports. Any reliable company will test its products in a third-party laboratory for strength and pureness, and it will publish lab reports from those tests on its websites. It’s the only way to verify that a product contains a marketed quantity of CBD and is free of any unwanted impurities.
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