Legacy Liquid exclusive at Vape Expo 2015

Legacy Liquid


Quality of Juice






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Customer Service



  • Lovely flavours
  • Price is affordable and reasonable
  • Great customer service
  • Nice vape


  • Limited juice line

Legacy Liquid Debut Vape Expo UK 2015

Legacy Liquid was first lanched on July 1st 2015 and their Debut within the UK was Vape Expo 2015. Created in the USA they are a premium juice line which offers
3 flavours at this current time. For a new juice line they have definitely created some great flavour blends and seem to understand the market well. They are soon to be officially released on sale in the UK so what better way to start a release than at the Expo with the hype and the buzzing atmosphere!!

Legacy Liquid RangeLegacy

Currently Legacy offer 3 juice flavour profiles:

  • Suit and Tie: A playfully intoxicating blend of strawberry and cream, with the richness of a perfectly ripe lychee.
  • Winsor: Rich cinnamon custard with a smooth graham cracker finish.
  • Cufflink: A sophisticated blend of crisp vine ripened berries.

I feel its a mix of UK and American flavours with the fresh fruits, custards and strawberries and cream…….YUM!!

The juices are a 70/30 – vg/pg ratio and they are available in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine.

Before I get to the exciting part and tell you what I actually think of the juices lets take at look at what’s so different with the brand. I mean how many strawberries and cream vapes can we get hold of now??Arent they all the same now?? The simple answer is no they arent…..


Firstly the main thing  about by Legacy liquids is that they contain not only no alcohol but no ethol. Why does this matter? What relevance is this to me I hear you ask?? Well its doesn’t could be the answer to this question but for a larger growing vaping community are looking for this information when they choose E-liquid. Its does matter and we should all understand why. A large amount of juices will contain some amount of alcohol no matter how small the percentage. Most people think of drinks when you say alcohol but this inst just one use for it. Ethol is another form of alcohol or another name which is used sometimes in the breakdown of ingredients within some e juice. Although a lot of companies say no alcohol content most wont know what the ethol content is. We all understand the vape community and profiles are ever growing and this small maybe minute percentage of alcohol/ethol content can be essential for people with varying lifestyle and religious choices. So that 1% could make a huge difference. For me personally Legacy knew all this information straight off hand and understood the reasons for asking with no qualms.

Legacy and the aesthetics of their product

LegacyLets face it we all love a bottle that looks good. I mean I know I would pay £20 for a juice if the bottle looked like it had come off the back of the van, and   then someone has put boring useless labels on. Legacy comes in sleek black bottles giving the dark and sophisticated look from the onset. The picture     on the front is simple, classy and stands out. Legacy is written in large letters above the pictures with nice gold writing and all bottles have the juice   name at the base of the label clearly written. Personally I love the look you feel like you have an exclusive liquid that no one can see or vape.

Legacy customer service

Legacy was a very sophisticated stand with the team suited and booted and a beautiful young lady dressed in a gorgeous white dress. They worked as a  united team and we able to answer any questions needed. They were friendly and welcoming and if one wasn’t able to help they would seek another  member of the team straight away so no questions were left unanswered.


The bottles will be priced at about £15.00 and will be available soon at Puff Dade. An update post of release date will be available and posted as soon as I know. For me even if it was a higher price I would definitely pay due to the quality of liquid on offer! The price listed above is not set or a final so keep you eyes and ears peeled and keep checking in!

Taste Test

So now I’ve covered the essential need to know about the Legacy juices lets get to the good bit! Tasting is definitely my favourite part and these do not disappoint. The difference with Legacy for me is the individual depth of flavours. Suit and Tie offers fresh strawberries and sweet cream with not artificial strawberry tasting elements. There is nothing worse than getting that fake strawberries and cream flavour that tastes like toilet water. This juice is fresh and flavourful I have taken to using this one on my flavour RDA, it brings out the sweetness and the freshly picked strawberries beautifully.

So next I tackled Winsor by Legacy this is Winsor. For me cinnamon is a little bit of a no no, purely because in juices they place far to much in and it kills me throat. The idea is this is supposed to be a blend of Rich cinnamon custard with a smooth graham cracker finish. It does not fail to deliver the cinnamon is subtle and smooth and the custard is slightly creamy before you hit the smooth graham cracker finish which for me gives a slight caramel taste. Its by far my favourite and gives the sweetness my taste buds definitely desire. This I placed in my Arctic sub tank and it definitely vapes well, it offers a long lasting flavour and a nice clean dense cloud.

Cufflink its also a great vape with the depth of the berries. For me its not a favourite but that’s just my personal love for the sweeter things in vaping life!


Overall I think these juices are great they offer great taste and the flexibility to be able to use in varying RDA’S and tanks! Cost wise they are value for money and I would recommend anyone to give them a go. With these things combined with great customer service and attractive bottles its a thumbs up from me. My only downside is they don’t have a larger range but fingers crossed we see Legacy grow in the near future because I for one will be taste testing more.

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