Nano Hemp Tech Labs

Discover your unique water soluble solution for CBD, THC, and HEMP in the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. Our custom formulations utilize Nano CBD isolate powder, broad spectrum powder, and full spectrum powder. Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBD powder emulsions offer superior bioavailability, instant solubility, and a neutral taste profile for any dry good food product, ready-to-mix (RTM) beverage products, oral dissolve tablets (ODT), and gummy edibles. Using Nano-technology when creating and formulating your delicious cannabis infused edibles will offer fast acting effects, reduce costs and wastes, and ensure more accurate dosing! Nano emulsified cannabinoids are the perfect solution when formulating hemp or cannabis infused edibles with amazing taste, and perfect dose, powered by the world’s leading water soluble nano cannabinoid ingredient. Nano lab for all skus

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