Pokemon quest

Dedicated Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, unusual Pokémon action game starring in the play takes place in a world composed of voxels. The Pokemon Company is responsible for the development of Pokemon Quest android hack. Issued on Android Pokemon Quest is unusual action game in which inspiration can be traced to titles such as Minecraft or Pokemon Rumble. The production explores the world built with voxels (ie. Tumblecube Isle), we catch Pokemon (or rather caricatured, wokselowe thumbnails of these creatures) and roll clash with their participation. For the development of this title corresponds to the company The Pokémon Company. In the prepared for Android Pokemon Quest, we observe the action from an isometric perspective. The fun starts in his camp, which over time develop and modify. After leaving the base we have the opportunity to explore the island of Tumblecube freely and catch the creatures that inhabit it. We use captured creatures in battles with other players. This aspect of the game executed in real time, but it is worth noting that our control over the clashes is quite limited. We only have the option of charging the attack bar by pressing the button – then our creature starts the action by itself.

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