Sigelei 100 watt Vs IPV 3

Sigelei 100 Watt Vs IPV 3 150 Watt Mod Box

Well that was rubbish we did a quick comparison on the Sigelei 100 watt versus the new IPV 3 and as soon as we had finished the video I got a notification from the retailer of the IPV 3 asking me to return it due to safety issues.

Segelei 100 Watt Vs IPV 3 150 WattTo be honest we already had our doubts regarding the overall quality of the device and thought that it was being brought to the market as not quite the finished article.

The fact that there was a redundant touch sensitive button and wiring left in the unit being a particular concern, it seemed to exemplify a general ‘this’ll have to do’ attitude that came with the device.

We can only praise Liberty Flights the UK distributor of this item for their prompt response to this fault that has become apparent.


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