Tank Puffin

Tank Puffin Loughton

Tank Puffin a look behind the doors What is Tank Puffin? Tank Puffin is an American made premium E liquids and electronic cigarettes shop. It states that it “Caters for beginners  and more experienced vapers. The owners of this shop state that “We are extremely proud to be retailing quality electronic cigarettes, as well as the […]

Vapers and Smokers Unite

Vapers and Smokers Unite

Vapers and Smokers Unite “Vapers and Smokers Unite” is a letter writing campaign designed to promote awareness concerning electronic cigarettes. Due to misinformation and ignorance about e-cigs, there have been some unrealistic and unfair regulations being proposed regarding electronic cigarettes. Sensationalist media has made wild claims about e-cigs being more hazardous than smoking, and politicians […]

Vaping and politicians


Vaping and politicians At the moment each week seems to bring different news and different views on the world of vaping and electronic cigarettes. The media is awash with scare stories and unsubstantiated reports and while this is something that the industry has had to cope with for many years now, it has recently begun […]