Legacy Liquid exclusive at Vape Expo 2015


Legacy Liquid Debut Vape Expo UK 2015 Legacy Liquid was first lanched on July 1st 2015 and their Debut within the UK was Vape Expo 2015. Created in the USA they are a premium juice line which offers 3 flavours at this current time. For a new juice line they have definitely created some great flavour blends […]

GQ Vape E-Juice at VapeJam

GQ Vape E-Juice range

 GQ Vape at VapeJam VapeJam definitely one of the biggest and first Vaping Events for all the enthusiasts out there.  I for one was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event, and the amount of people that attended. I knew we had a lot of vapers out there in the world but this took it […]

The Mad Alchemist Juices Review

The Mad Alchemist Blue Moon E Liquid

TheMad Alchemist or TMA Review What is The Mad Alchemist? Mad Alchemist are a range of American juices within the created by a husband and wife team who were once heavy smokers. It was founded within the USA by the pair purely because of their love for Vaping. The mysteries arise from behind the scenes where juices produced were […]

Gambit by Five Pawns Review

Five pawns Gambit E juice

Gambit by Five Pawns Review Gambit by Five Pawns is one of the top quality E juices created by Signature Vapour Liquid Producers in California USA. They have a collection of Signature E juices which are split into two categories. The Mixology edition which are alcohol based blends and the Signature series, which contains another 5 Handmade juices blending fruits and desserts. Every year Five Pawns will release […]

Tank Puffin

Tank Puffin Loughton

Tank Puffin a look behind the doors What is Tank Puffin? Tank Puffin is an American made premium E liquids and electronic cigarettes shop. It states that it “Caters for beginners  and more experienced vapers. The owners of this shop state that “We are extremely proud to be retailing quality electronic cigarettes, as well as the […]