Cool Breeze Reserved quality E-Liquid exclusively at Puff Dad E

Cool Brezze Reserved

Cool Breeze Reserved quality E-Liquid exclusively at Puff Dad E Is there such thing as quality E-Juice at low cost prices? I always pay more for my E-Liquid because I believe that quality juices cost more. Not to say I wont try cheaper juices but experiences have taught me otherwise and shown me they are never amazing. […]

GQ Vape E-Juice at VapeJam

GQ Vape E-Juice range

 GQ Vape at VapeJam VapeJam definitely one of the biggest and first Vaping Events for all the enthusiasts out there.  I for one was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event, and the amount of people that attended. I knew we had a lot of vapers out there in the world but this took it […]

Arctic Sub Tank Review

Arctic Sub Ohm Tank

Arctic Sub Tank by HorizonTech An Arctic Tank review by me before the technical boys Daniel Dilsworth and Tim Clark get up close and personal with the Arctic, and post a YouTube Video on Vaping World! So the Arctic Sub tank is yet another tank which sub ohms. All of us can sigh and say another sub tank really? […]

5 Companies Making E-Liquid in the UK


5 Companies Making E-Liquid in the UK    Cuts Ice E Liquid Laboratories  Based in London, Cuts Ice Laboratories produce over 150 natural, organic or blended e-liquid flavours and have the capacity for over 700,000 bottles per month. “Cuts Ice staff are entirely dedicated to the quality of work and products they produce. They have […]

7 Misconceptions Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping


7 Misconceptions Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping Unless you go out of your way to be informed about the topic of vaping, the liklihood is you have been exposed to more misinformation than truth about what the media calls “e-cigs” and what most others call “vaping.” Why is that, by the way? Glad you asked. Here are […]