Tank Puffin

Tank Puffin a look behind the doors

What is Tank Puffin?

Tank Puffin LoughtonTank Puffin is an American made premium E liquids and electronic cigarettes shop. It states that it “Caters for beginners  and more experienced vapers. The owners of this shop state that “We are extremely proud to be retailing quality electronic cigarettes, as well as the best selection of juices worldwide”

What companies are currently stocked within Tank Puffin?

The shop currently has a range of suppliers included are:

Space Jam, Mount Baker Vapor, Halo, Mister-E,

Suicide Bunny, The Mad Alchemist, Cosmic Fog, Majestic and Five Pawns.


The pricing within Tank Puffin start from £5.99 a bottle and go up to £27.99 for the high end E Juice such as Five Pawns. The shop offers Quality juices with Drug Association approval so vapers can feel confident they are using a safe E Liquid.

The look of the shop itself which has a clean and simple layout for easy browsing, along with the staff who are warm, welcoming and helpful.

 What’s the difference between UK and American juices? Why is this such a niche shop?

America is the country who created the initial vape experience. They have rigorous checks on all ingredients within their juices. Tank Puffin juices offer a full drug association approval of the individual ingredients within their juices with a full list of ingredients available. The mixing and advance in quality control is far greater within America due to their earlier start of production and wealth of knowledge.

Are the Staff informed?

Tank Puffin E LiquidThe staff are trained and informed to the highest standards possible. The aim within Tank Puffin is to give full support throughout the process of quitting the cigarettes and not just initial purchase.

This could be described as a full after-care service tailoring your needs. As well as knowledge on products within the stores itself.

Contact Information and Links 

For any more information on the juices and how vaping can be used to quit smoking, you can contact either shop via telephone or simply pop in and visit the stores.

Alternatively email info@tankpuffin.com

Website: www.tankpuffin.co.uk

Or follow on them on Twitter @tankpuffin

Instagram@tankpuffin or the Facebook page.

Or Call us on

Tank Puffin Loughton 0208 5020357

Tank Puffin Chigwell 0208 5015311

All enquiries welcome no matter how big or small.

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