The New Social Network: By Jason Dawson

In July 2007 when the smoking ban came in to effect, a change occurred in peoples social behaviour in that as smokers were forced out of pubs, offices and other public places in to their dedicated smoking areas, we begun to speak to people that we previously would have had no interaction with. Our common ground was the love of the evil weed and for me that was the beginning of the end of my smoking career!

In the years that followed, the social scene completely changed and we lost a lot of our favourite pubs and bars along the way but in the background a new phenomenon was being born. Vaping, the intelligentsia’s alternative to smoking and with the birth of vaping and the death of smoking, so came the vaping culture.
Never before have you stood in the corner shop for three hours discussing your bensons or how to get the best flavour or cloud from your Regal Kings or joined a facebook group or forum to find out more about your smoke and how to get the best from it.

Best of all, we all know that what we do when we Vape has been proven scientifically time after time to be less harmful than smoking analogues!

The increase in the popularity of Vaping has unwittingly spawned an increase in the popularity of human beings actually talking to each other and interacting in ways that weren’t even dreamt of when the smoking ban came in to effect. Surely this can only be good for humanity in general!

Personally I have seen evidence of people in groups giving stuff to their vaping buddies who they only know through the vaping networks and also people all very willing to help out newcomers and old hands with what ever their vaping problems are.

I’m not proclaiming that Vaping is a new religion but the emerging scene seems to be influencing peoples behaviour in a good way and as a community we should fight to the death to protect our world.

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