Trust Me I am a Doctor

Trust Me I Am A Doctor BBC 2 program

Trust Me I  Am A DoctorGreat to see an impartial viewpoint rather than sensationalist journalism well done Dr Michael Mosley on Trust me I am a Doctor. Many within the vaping community want to have knowledge about the risks of vaping and likewise every e-juice supplier also wants to learn and lessen any health risks, but the key point is that the risks associated with the vast majority of ex-smokers in comparison to vaping cannot be forgotten.

I would love to see the medical profession and government alike join forces and really get behind this true alternative to smoking and rather than throwing regulation after regulation at the vaping community give us the resource to really make this as safe as it possibly can be, without forcing us to enter the smoking shelters and help us convert them into bike sheds, to benefit the whole population.

Thank you to Jon Sanger for pointing this program out on Vapers Unite FaceBook Group


Watch the program from BBC 2 here.

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