Tubes Vs Boxes

Tubes Vs Box ModsTube Mods Vs Box Mods

With the vaping experience moving on so fast and new devices coming in all the time, we thought we would get some opions from vapers around the world.

What we want to know is whether you think with all the new Box Mods both regulated and mechanical are the future of vaping, or whether you think there will alway’s be a place for simple tubes.

Could we be looking at tube mods as antique devices in the near future? or are Box Mods just a fashion statement.

What will your next purchase be?
Will you be buying a Tube Mod in the future?
What do you use?
What is your preference Regulated or Mechanical?


Thank you very much for contributing to our poll we will be thinking of more polls and as alway’s we will share the information and keep your details private.

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