Drip Tips by Paul


The drip tip is an often under rated component of the overall vaping experience, the shape, material and air flow characteristics of your mouth piece can have a profound effect on the flavour and quality of your vape.

Drip Tips

Arguably the most important thing to consider when selecting your drip tip is the bore size of the hole, this should be considered in conjunction with the atomizer you wish to use and what you are hoping to achieve from your vaping.

You might think that if you trying to create huge clouds of vapor off of a dripping atomizer you would use the largest bore you have available, this is not necessarily going to be your best option.Drip Tips

If for example you are running a hot sub ohm build you may find that with a wide open tip and full airflow from the atty you are getting the vapor at such a rate as to be an uncomfortable experience or that your wicking cannot keep up with the demand resulting in a slightly burned hit.

The answer may be to choose a longer drip tip with a slightly reduced bore, this will have the effect of moving your lips further from the heat and give you more control of the speed you draw the juice through the coil to create your vapor.

When what you want is intense flavour the air flow on your atomizer should be restricted so as not to diluted your vapor with too much fresh air, a wide bore on your drip tip will balance the reduced airflow through the atty and allow you draw off large rich tasting mouth fulls of vape.

It is always advisable to have a few different drip tips to hand when setting up your atty. Enjoy


Just a little mention I get my Drip Tips from Keith and Kirsty at Vape Gear

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