Newbie Vaper

You’re new to Vaping World. Find your way around and join in the conversation. Make sure you introduce yourself.
Juice Points: 0 – 25

Little Dripper

Go for it, You are really on your way up in the world of vaping, you won’t be a Little Dripper for long.
Juice Points: 25 – 50

Caper Vaper

In Caper Vaper mode you are expected to be funny so give it a go.
Juice Points: 50 – 300


Vape Crusader

As the Vape Crusader you on on a mission to convert as many smelly smokers as possible.
Juice Points: 300 – 600


Captain Vape

As Captain Vape you have the responsibility of looking after newbies.
Juice Points: 600- 950


Major Vape

Major Vape is a grumpy rank, you are never happy you had better get promoted quick.
Juice Points: 950 – 1350


Big Dripper

Wow you are getting to pro status now, the Big Dripper has a wealth of experience.
Juice Points: 1350 – 1800


Colonel Custard

Colonel Custard is a custard mad loony.
Juice Points: 1800 – 2300


Kanthal King

As Kanthal King you are gonna have to show off your coiling skills.
Juice Points: 2300 – 3850



Modfather, you are respected by all.
Juice Points: 2300 – 4450


Vape Lord

Vape Lord is an experienced vaper in all ways, wise and worldly.
Juice Points: 4450 – 5100


Darth Vaper

You have moved over to the dark side and the clouds are engulfing you.
Juice Points: 5100 – 5800


Top Dog Vaper

No one out does a Top Dog, Respected by all, wise and unflappable, you really know your vaping world.
Juice Points: 5800 – 10,000