10 American Made E-Juices You Need to Try

American Vaping Companies Producing Delicious American Made E-Juices


Looking for some interesting new flavours from across the pond? There are so many delicious e-liquid flavours out there, many of which are american made e juices. We’ve put together a list of ten American vaping companies creating exiting flavours you should definitely try out.  In no particular order, here you go:



AdamBombLogoFirst on the list is Adam Bomb E-liquids, this company produces some sensational juices, from sweet apple pie and freshly baked cookies, to refreshing tropical guava and strawberry lemonade. Adam bomb manufactures it’s juices in Southern California from US food grade ingredients. You can find the full selection of Adam Bomb products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

ADAM’S APPLE – Sweet, fruity and scrumptious! A homemade apple pie treat. Get This E-Juice

CHILLAXIN’ E-LIQUID – Refreshing cool mint flavour. Get This E-Juice

COCOBUTTER BOMB – Sensational blend of exotic coconut and sweet butterscotch. Get This E-Juice

CREAMY STRAWBERRY – Sweet, soft and truly delicious strawberry fruitiness. Get This E-Juice

adams-apple-e-liquid-by-adam-bombMAMA’S COOKIES – Freshly baked cookies! Sweet, buttery and full-bodied flavour of cookies is a vape you’ll never forget. Get This E-Juice

NECTAR – Sweetness and fruity flavour from Nectar e-liquid, Nectarine Bubblegum will surprise your taste buds. Get This E-Juice

SANCTUARY – Earthy ground coffee flavour mixes perfectly with the sweetness from the caramel. Relax with this incredible vape. Get This E-Juice

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE – Refreshing Ice cold lemonade bursting with fruity flavour, blended with the subtle taste of sweet strawberries. Get This E-Juice

SWEET MELONS – Exciting mix of mouth-watering sweet melons is truly sensational. Get This E-Juice

PARADISE – Flavour of Tropical guava with Adam Bomb’s Paradise E-liquid. Get This E-Juice


beard-vape-co2 BEARD VAPE CO. E-LIQUID 

From Los Angeles comes Beard Vape Co, producing exiting juice flavours for the beard lovers of the world. You can find the full selection of Beard Vape Co. products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

NO.05 – New York style cheesecake with strawberries on top. Get This E-Juice

NO.32 – Cinnamon E Juice based on a Cinnamon funnel cake, Big sweet and spicy flavours. Get This E-Juice

NO.51 – Vanilla custard with a dash of vanilla custard. Get This E-Juice

NO.64 – Creamy hibicus cotton candy. Get This E-Juice

NO.88 – Mint chocolate cookie. Get This E-Juice

clouds-of-hope-uk3 CLOUDS OF HOPE ELIQUID

The next delicious american made e juices come from Clouds of Hope E Liquid. The creators of Space Jam Juice have produced a robust line of e-liquid that is rich in flavour and community. Providing us with a selection of delicious US made flavours. Clouds of hope have committed to pledge a portion of sales of each juice to causes such as breast cancer awareness, hunger and malnutrition and the fight against aids. You can find the full selection of Clouds of Hope products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

COURAGE – Gourmet vanilla with light hints of chocolate comprise this scrumptious sugar-coated snickerdoodle. Get This E-Juice

courage-eliquid-by-clouds-of-hopeHARMONY – Ripe bananas and smooth, creamy custards tickle your taste buds with this exquisite banana cream dessert. Get This E-Juice

HARVEST – Classic lunchtime treat smothered in peanut butter and swirled with strawberry jelly. Get This E-Juice

HERO – Freshly made, sweet lemon pound cake with bittersweet glazed topping. Get This E-Juice

STRENGTH – Irresistible ice cream with cooling mint, chocolate chunks and cream filled cookies. Get This E-Juice


At number 4, Cosmic Fog Vapours. Cosmic Fog Vapours produce premium e-juices, with original flavours. Cosmic Fog Vapours E-Liquid is created in Orange County, California. Their range of e-liquids has proved to be a hit in the USA and is making waves in the UK market. You can find the full selection of Cosmic Fog Vapours products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

CHURCH – Scoops of old fashioned vanilla ice cream, lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge, topped off with subtle notes of sliced bananas. Get This E-Juice

church-by-cosmic-fogCOLA GUMMY – Cola Gummy is a flavour as simple as its name. It comes on with a rush of fizz, like you just popped the top on a can of cola. Get This E-Juice

KRYPTONITE – Sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favourite candy. Get This E-Juice

MILK AND HONEY – Puffy marshmallows, sweet milk and the perfect note of rich honey to cap it all off. Get This E-Juice

NUTZ – Juicy strawberry preserve, fresh ground almond butter, infused with only the most subtle notes of whipped honey creme. Get This E-Juice

THE SHOCKER – Shocking lemonade and citrus notes capped off by a medley of strawberries, apples, and mangos. Get This E-Juice


drakes-vapes-uk5 DRAKES VAPES ELIQUID 

The next american made e juices come from Drakes Vapes. Drakes Vapes are creators of premium US made e-liquid.  Drakes Vapes feature unique flavour combinations which are beautifully balanced to provide a deeply satisfying vaping experience.  With fantastic vapour production and great throat hit these are fast becoming a favourite for many vapers. You can find the full selection of Drakes Vapes products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

DRAKEULA – Citrusy blood orange flavour combined with sharp black cherries and sweet, tangy guava, to produce this mouth watering extravaganza. Get This E-Juice

drakeula-eliquid-by-drakes-vapesMELON FIASCO – Melon vape. Combining refreshing watermelon with musky cantaloupe. Get This E-Juice

PUNKY BRUISER – Tangy, almost tart flavour which is both sweet and sour.  Reminiscent of a Hawaiian punch but with great citrus notes which maintain the overall balance. Get This E-Juice

VANILLA TRIFECTA – 3 different types of vanilla and custard.  If you’re into dessert flavours, this is the one for you. Get This E-Juice

YOLO – Classic lemonade infused with notes of lavender.  Neither too sharp nor too sweet. Get This E-Juice


suicide-bunny-eliquid6 SUICIDE BUNNY E-LIQUID

Suicide Bunny E Liquids are designed with exacting precision and only the best American-made ingredients. These gourmet e-liquids come from the USA and are some of the most highly rated e-liquids available anywhere in the world. Suicide Bunny are experts at creating complex flavour combinations which are both innovative and delicious. Like any good restaurant they have kept their menu limited and concentrate on ensuring that they produce the highest quality, most interesting and flavoursome juices possible – and they’ve got it spot on! You can find the full selection of Suicide Bunny products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

DERAILED – Beautiful butter cookie flavour that cuddles your taste buds on the inhale and culminates with a delicious cinnamon taste on the exhale with subtle notes of banana. Get This E-Juice

derailed-e-liquid-by-suicide-bunnyMADRINA –  Sweet juicy melon with a light creamy aftertaste. Perfectly balanced and a delight to vape. Get This E-Juice

MOTHER’S MILK – Beautifully creamy custard which then develops into a sweet strawberry flavour on the exhale. Get This E-Juice

ORIGINAL BUNNY –  Epitome of dessert flavour.  Some find the predominant taste to be a sweet cream, others find it very cakey. Get This E-Juice

SUCKERPUNCH – Lovely creamy base with punctuated notes of an array of fruits hiding behind every corner. It’s complex, it’s delicious, it’s surprising – it’s a must try! Get This E-Juice

cuttwood-sauce-boss-uk7 CUTTWOOD E-LIQUID 

Cuttwood prides itself on providing quality made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation, they are dedicated to providing the best e-sauce on the market. Cuttwood are proud to make their products with only approved high quality ingredients and the best flavors in the world. You can find the full selection of Cuttwood products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

BOSS RESERVE – Sweet and delightful cereal oozing with golden honey and crunchy roasted nut clusters. Drenched in ice cold creamy milk and finished off with sliced bananas. Get This E-Juice

boss-reserve-e-liquid-by-cuttwoodMONSTER MELONS – Fusion of cantaloupe melon, papaya fruit and mangoes, producing a very refreshing tropical flavour. Get This E-Juice

SUGAR BEAR – Delectable blend of spicy cinnamon and milky cream, Sugar Bear manages to create a perfect balance between the two distinct flavours. Get This E-Juice

UNICORN MILK – Sweet and creamy, Unicorn Milk is characterised by a blend of natural strawberries and no less than four unique fresh creams. Get This E-Juice


jimmy-the-juice-man-eliquid-uk8 JIMMY THE JUICE MAN

Next on the list is Jimmy the Juice Man, this company describes itself as  ‘Premium vape sauce without premium price’. Producing it’s products in Chicago IL, Jimmy the Juice Man handcraft great flavours from the creamy smooth Creme Brullee to the clean and refreshing ‘Strawberry Astronaut’. Jimmy the Juice Man e-liquids are some of the most sought after juices in the world. Their reputation is built entirely on their astounding quality, with word of mouth being the primary force behind the rising popularity. You can find the full selection of Jimmy the Juice Man products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

  CARAMEL PEAR –  Scrumptious notes of pear drizzled in a sweet, warm caramel glaze. Get This E-Juice

caramel-pear-by-jimmy-the-juice-manCREME BRULEE – There are notes of banana in there as well as burnt sugar, all blended perfectly with a layer of creamy goodness that has to be tasted to be believed. Get This E-Juice

PEACHY STRAWBERRY – Blending juicy peaches with fresh strawberries for a sublime vaping experience. The different notes and tones compliment each other perfectly to give you a little bit of sunshine in a bottle. Get This E-Juice

RASPBERRY FRENCH – Creamy background frames this raspberry fusion, producing one of the most enjoyably flavoursome vapes available today. This juice is the pinnacle of delicious as the creamy undertones provide the canvas that the raspberry layers paint their picture upon. Get This E-Juice

SHURB – Sherbet-based concoction delivering all kinds of goodness with every inhale and exhale. Raspberry, lime and orange notes floating all around the sizzlingly sweet sherbet base. Get This E-Juice

STRAWBERRY ASTRONAUT – This strawberry vape is no ordinary strawberry flavoured e-liquid. Notes of apricot infiltrating the exhale. Get This E-Juice


kings-crown-usa-eliquid9 KING’S CROWN ELIQUID 

Kings Crown is a high VG e-liquid with a minimum of 70% VG or above for each tincture, so it goes without saying that vapour production is immense!  They are a genuine gourmet range of e-liquid with complex and multifaceted layers, combining classic flavours with a few majestic twists to royally tantalise your taste buds. You can find the full selection of King’s Crown products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

BOUND – Perfect balance of sweet custard, spice, and ripened stone fruits, combining fruit & dessert flavours superbly. Get This E-Juice

bound-by-the-crown-eliquid-by-kings-crown_1CLAIM YOUR THRONE – Perfect blend of sweet creams, butterscotch and brown sugar.  If you are a fan of a sweet, rich butterscotch then you will absolutely love this juice. Get This E-Juice

FIGHT YOUR FATE – Lemons and the strawberries combined to create this extraordinarily refreshing ADV – a zingy strawberry lemonade. Get This E-Juice

THE KING – Innovative and complex e-liquid with several different layers. It tastes like a peanut butter sugar cookie. Get This E-Juice

obsession-vapour-eliquid-uk10 OBSESSION VAPOR ELIQUID

Last, but not least, Obsession Vapor. Obsession Vapour is the new range of premium e-liquids from the makers of Space Jam – so you know they’re going to be something special! Maintaining the focus on complex juices with innovative flavour combinations, Obsession Vapour is building a solid reputation for great e-liquids that really hit the spot. You can find the full selection of Obsession Vapor products available here.

Their selection of flavours include:

FAME – Wonderfully balanced blend of banana, strawberry, pineapple and coconut creams come together to form this creamy, tropical inspired vape. Get This E-Juice

fame-eliquid-by-obsession-vaporFORTUNE – Combining the timeless combination of an apple & cinnamon Danish pastry with the smooth notes of French vanilla. Get This E-Juice

GLORY – Unique combination of tart, sour cranberries blended with sweet, sharp apples, which is full bodied but not overpowering, and a leaves your mouth with a little zing. Get This E-Juice

PASSION – Custard flavour but it’s not just plain old custard.  It’s a very milky, smooth custard flavour infused with sweet, ripe strawberry. Get This E-Juice

POWER – Brings together a rich, smooth Bavarian cream with notes of sweet, almost citrusy dragon fruit in a well balanced and gentle flavoured e-liquid. Get This E-Juice

PRESTIGE – Crisp, refreshing real lemonade flavour with notes of fresh juicy peach and a touch sweet strawberry to round it off. Get This E-Juice

 We hope you discovered some awesome new flavours! Let us know which are your favourite.


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