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  • Great Clouds
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • Perfect Flavours
  • Choice of Bottle Sizes
  • Choice of Nicotine Levels


  • Vapes too Quick ­čÖé

Quacks Juice FactoryQuacks Juice Factory Reviews


Quacks Juice Factory have been making E Juice for about 3 years now and are obviously passionate about what they create.

These Flavours are all very high quality and are 100% VG which gives superb clouds and a smooth throat hit, the flavours in most cases are really well balanced and the quality is second to none.

The juices are all made up of between 4-6 different flavours with all the blends all levelled out smoothly with a chef like touch.

The first flavours that Quacks Juice Factory created were Gizzard Juice and Goose Juice, then they followed on with Ducks Breath Frozen Pond and the all new Quack Snack.

All flavours are available in and 18mg Nicotine levels with bottle sizes ranging from 10ml to a huge 500ml.

Goose Juice from Quack Juice FactoryGoose Juice

What is there not to like about this e juice, 4 flavours melt into one a vanilla custard which is so so Moorish, Paul swears he can taste a fruit in there I was not too sure but one thing we agreed on was this juice is a must for any of you cloud chasing flavour junkies.

Gizzard Juice Quacks Juice FactoryGizzard Juice

Six yes six flavours in this one, Chocolate Vanilla and Caramel are the succulent flavours here, this e juice will not be for everyone as the top all day vape but still a likable juice.

Frozen Pond

Frozen Pond is a mix of 5 flavours described as sweet meets Menthol well we got the lush sweet and more minty than menthol which just does not over power rather compliments the sweet, this was truly an individual taste sensation you will want all day long.

Ducks Breath Quacks Juice FactoryDuck’s Breath

If duck breath really did taste this then all I can say is my swimming needs to be improved, light sweet dairy based flavour with hints of French Vanilla and English toffee to make another Quacks Juice Factory classic.

Quack Snack Quacks Juice FactoryQuack Snack

WOW WEE is my humble opinion, I am no way a chocolate fan but this one has got me by the ducks eggs, Six melt in your mouth flavours got me totally, I am still questioning what the Quack’s in here┬ádefiantly chocolate smooth chocolate not coco powder style but rich and smooth and dairy at the same time, and a┬ágorgeous cherry liquor like after taste that you just wanna hold in your mouth.

We can’t wait for other additions to the Quacks Factory Juice range.

Quacks Juice Factory you are 100% VGDelicious is that is not a word then it should be.
Video Reviews two Videos one of the Goose Juice, Gizzard, Frozen Pond and Ducks Breath and of the Latest Quack Snack.

Some more Quacks Juice Factory images for you ­čÖé

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