Ten Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Ten Reasons to Switch to Vaping

Haven’t decided whether vaping is right for you yet? Here’s 10 good reasons to quit smoking and pick up an e cig. Let us know if you agree with our list, and comment the reason that persuaded you to start vaping…


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10  You Will Save Money! Vaping is Significantly Less Expensive

After the initial purchase price of your vaping device, using E Juice is is far less expensive than tobacco based products, a typical ex-smoker will use about 10ml of E-Juice every 3-4 day’s, the cost of E Juice varies but it is usually around $3 or £5 per bottle.

9  You Won’t Smell of Smoke

All the smell associated with smoking will be gone, there is an odour generated by Vaping this is normally a slightly sweet candy smell, but this does not tend to adhere to your cloths skin and hair.

8  No More Tobacco Stained Teeth

I have not noticed any staining on my teeth since vaping, but there is a slight word of warning here, with vaping often E Juice flavours and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) used within E Juice is slightly sweet, therefore  a good dental hygiene regime is always necessary.

7  It is Much More Interesting!

With a huge array of E Juice flavours and devices available on the market today, with the right advice, you can find yourself immersed in not just a habit that you can enjoy, more that you ever did enjoy smoking, but much more, with hundreds of flavours and brands to choose from and after giving up smoking your taste sensations are alive once again to explore some of the latest flavours to show off to your friends.

The devices are just as fascinating, with a type of device to suit every type of vaper, from slim miniature to huge cloud chasing monsters with the power of modern batteries taking the world of vaping to new heights.

6  Control Your Nicotine Levels

Unlike cigarettes Ejuice is sold with different nicotine levels to suit the type of ex smokers preference, most vapers tend to start on higher nicotine levels 18mg and over, over time these levels can be lowered to suit your own preferences and devices, E Juice is also available at zero nicotine levels.

5  Vape Inside… No More Facing the Cold for Your Nicotine Fix

Most vapers will tell you, they’ve been vaping e cigarettes inside public places without any controversy. In many cases, you can vape inside at work, at the airport, in an airplane, at the mall, in the movie theaters, at a bar or restaurant, etc. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about stinking up your car, and home.

4  Vaping is Clean – No Ash or Cigarette Buts Around the House

Yep, as clean as a whistle, the only residue from Vaping is an empty bottle.

3  Vaping Doesn’t Stain or Age your Skin

The yellow nicotine staining that normally stains two fingers and nails and also the face aging your skin on your face is gone, no it does not turn back time but you will not suffer any more degrading iof the skin cells.

2  No More Smoker’s Cough

Waking up in the morning and coughing and spluttering out of bed goes quite quickly.

1  It Will Save Your Life

We don’t as yet know that vaping is 100% safe, in fact being practical any habit that you have will never be 100% safe, but one thing that is plainly obvious is that smoking kills 50 % of smokers, that is a fact.

You will see headline news regarding how using electronic cigarettes and vaping in general is this and that, but don’t be fooled by the headlines look at the simple fact, millions of lives are going to be saved from dying a horrible death, smoking related diseases are a terrifying prospect.

I would urge you to read and watch this programme made by the BBC for a unbiased opinion from a professional here.

We can urge you to join in in our forums and make Vape Mates that will help guide you to the best route for you to give up smoking.



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